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Tokyo Concierge

Get a personal concierge for $250/trip who will give you off-the-beaten-path recommendations, and make the reservation for you to boot.

Welcome to Tokyo Concierge!

Welcome to Tokyo Concierge, your gateway to Japan's extraordinary cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and more. Navigating the Japanese landscape can be overwhelming with its vibrant culture and language barriers. That's why we've designed our service to assist you in making reservations, deciding where to go, what to do, and even where to dine.

Frustrations over planning, reservations, and communication obstacles become a thing of the past. Tokyo Concierge offers local assistance, helping to refine your itinerary, make reservations, and address special requests. We make communication simple with our concierge team fluent in both Japanese and English.

For a nominal trip fee, benefit from personalized support such as, but not limited to, recommendations, ticket acquisition, hotel booking, and resolution of general queries. We're here to make your journey comfortable, memorable, and worry-free.

Keen to explore more? Reach us at Let's make your Japan adventure unforgettable.

We would be thrilled to be your travel partner!

(Note: 100% human. You always talk to a human, never a bot. 100% independent. Tokyo concierge does not accept kickbacks from anyone.)

"The recommendation for Sakana was fantastic. We would have never found that, let alone make the reservation."

"Glad you were able to help getting the reservation for us and the small kids traveling with us. Based on your phone call the chef made a simple plate for the kids. Fantastic."

"We bought our knives at the knife store you recommended. They engraved it for us too!"

"Thank you for getting us last minute into Super Nintendo World. It was an unexpected pleasure"

Shibuya Scramble was amazing! Loved the views and we got there an hour before closing time.

I left my backpack on the train and spent a day on the phone getting nowhere, before I asked you for help. You were able to locate it so we could pick it up at a station 30 minutes later! They were expecting us!

Various TokyoConcierge travelers, February-May 2023
Tokyo Concierge