Let Tokyo Concierge make it the trip you deserve

The Tokyo Concierge Difference


Based on your request and profile, we can make recommendations for anything from a Michelin star restaurant to a cozy Izakaya, Hotels, Events and everything in between!


Once you've decided, we'll get the reservation made, including calling them and communicating your preferences. After we've made the reservation we'll send you an invite for your calendar.

Full trip personal support

Whether you need help finding the perfect kitchen knifes or workman sock, or need a photographer to make that photoshoot - we can help. We're also with you in case of an emergency.

Personal means personal

Once a concierge is matched with you, he/she will be assigned to you for the duration of the trip if at all possible.

Tokyo & beyond

The service covers all of Japan. So if you plan to travel from Tokyo to Osaka to Kyoto, we have you covered.

Special events / Theme parks

We've assisted with tickets to special events and theme parks, as well as transportation advice/needs. For certain ticket reservations there is a handling fee.

Questions? Can we do X?

If you have questions about the concierge service, drop us a line on info@tokyoconcierge.com.

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or email us: info@tokyoconcierge.com
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