Concierge Pricing

$ 250 /trip
2 Adult travelers/up to 2 weeks
Designated Concierge
Human only, no bots
up to 3 kids under 16y
Whatsapp or text message communication

$ 349 /trip
4 Adult travelers/up to 2 weeks
All base package options included

$ 50 /special
For Ghibli Park/Museum, Super Nintendo World, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea there is a $50 handling fee per reservation.

The fine print: Read Me!

We are here to assist with whatever helps you makes your trip better.

The service is meant to assist you, not replace your own planning. While we're happy to help with questions about places to go, we're not a travel agency.

Questions? Email us!

You can email us on if you have questions to see if the service is for you, or for other questions about the service you might have.

We are independent, no kickbacks from anyone.

The concierge service is 100% independent. We do not get kickbacks from any of the places we recommend.


It’s a concierge, not magic 😅 We'll do our level best to get you the right place, but it might not work out! We can not guarantee you'll like the place we recommend (or even the place you picked yourself). We will always do our best.

We cannot guarantee availability.

While we have an advantage over website reservations with our native, local concierge negotiate with the restaurant or event holder on your behalf, we might not be able to get you into the place you'd like at the date / time you like.

Make reservations ahead of time.

Last minute reservations are harder. We ask you to ideally inform us in advance. We also understand that things come up late, so we'll try our best.

No-shows: be aware !

Certain restaurants require a credit card to make a reservation. In these cases we will ask you for your card. In case of a no-show, some restaurants charge a fee in Japan, for some (typically) high end restaurants this could be 100% of the meal, unless canceled way in advance! We'll advise you of the policy in these cases.

We love feedback!

Constructive feedback will allow us to improve our service, for you and others.

Did we mention, we are human :)

You are interacting with humans, not (ai) bots. Our humans will use whichever tools are available to them, so that you don't have to.

We are a work in progress.

By using our service, you agree to consume it "as is".

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